sábado, 27 de abril de 2013

Hard Rock Cafe


Our new project consists on a virtual Hard Rock Cafe located in Granada. We chose in Granada in where the premises is near the Haazen Duzs in "Puerta Real de España", because it is located in the center and is large.
First, we did a dossier to put in it  the decoration of the premises, a budget, a menu, and the opening's day performance.
Then, we sent a letter to The Eleventh Failure to obtain a memorabilia,  the word that they use to call for souvenirs like a T-shirt, a CD .. and we got a T-shirt, and a CD.
And finally when we have finished it, we have preparated a presentation and a dossier because on April 19th, we presented the work to a larger Board of Directors in HRC Marbella. When we finished the presentation, the HRC we had a little snack. And later we went to Puerto Banús and the Cañada.

Here's the presentation.


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